Utility Anniversary: PPL celebrating 100 years serving The Valley

PPL celebrating 100th anniversary

LEWISBURG – The old ‘Pennsylvania Power and Light Company,’ that’s kept the Valley on the grid for decades is celebrating a milestone anniversary, all the while continuing to back to the community. PPL Electric Utilities is celebrating its 100th anniversary and was recognized during Friday’s Legislative Breakfast.


PPL Regional Affairs Director Tracie Witter reflected on how far the utility company has come, “When you think about today, and how we are able to remotely close and open switches, detect outages from a central location by digital technology, whereas in 1920, they were traveling great distances to detect what the problem was on the line.”


The utility company first started as eight small utilities that came together to form PPL. In celebrating its century-old milestone, PPL is doing ‘100 acts of service’ in the community, “Reading books on Martin Luther King Day to students, we’ve had people volunteer their time in science fairs, so we’re proudly putting these on our website.”


Friday’s Legislative Breakfast was held by the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Central PA Chamber of Commerce.


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