US Congressman Keller defends President Trump’s policies

Photo by Pierce Edinger

SUNBURY – With President Trump constantly making headlines with seemingly erratic statements to the press and what appear to be random Tweets, his supporters are the ones that often times have to defend his words.  US Congressman Fred Keller of the 12th Congressional District was on WKOK’s On The Mark recently talking about the President.


Keller says it’s Trump’s approach that throws people, “The people that disagree with the President, they take him literally and not seriously. And then reasonable people will take him seriously and maybe not literally. I think that’s an important distinction, and he may be unconventional in some ways.”


Congressman Keller says despite his unconventional approach, President Trump has done exactly what he said he would do, “Again, if you want to say ‘can you count on what he says,’ when he ran for President he said he was going to do certain things and he’s done those things.”


Keller says that he doesn’t view the President’s behavior as erratic, but possibly productive, “You know, I’m not going to try and get into President Trump’s mind, but I’m also not going to accuse him of being erratic or anything else. You know, there are a lot of times in business that you might have a brainstorming session and maybe the President just does that out loud and because there’s so many people and cameras around him it gets picked up.”


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