UPDATE: Sunbury police have one robber, and they know who the second one is

Sunbury police know who the violent robbers are


SUNBURY – Images on the Sunbury Police Department Facebook page helped city investigators identify two violent robbers Wednesday. The images from a 3am robbery at the Front Street Turkey Hill in Sunbury, were circulated on Sunbury’s Facebook, as well as on WKOK.com, and on our Facebook page. Police tell us, soon afterward, police say tips started rolling in.


Officers say they’ve arrested one unidentified teen—a 16-year-old who they won’t publicly identify, and 24-year old Matthew Metz. Both are charged with the robbery at the store, but so far, neither is charged with the violent attack on the store clerk.


Sunbury police chief Tim Miller said the teen suspect has been turned over to Northumberland County Juvenile Probation. The other suspect—with ties to New Jersey—is still on the loose. Police are thanking the public for their help, and they encourage anyone with information about any crime—to contact city police.

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