Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way Kindness Campaign underway

SUNBURY – The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way is kicking off their Kindness Campaign from Monday through Friday this week. Seth Joseph, Director of Development and Marketing at the United Way, “We are just encouraging people to be kind.  Not only does it help the community to spread positivity, but it also improves your own physical health by lowering blood pressure, increasing serotonin levels.  It ties in together too.”


JoAnn Troutman, President and CEO of the GSVUW, agreed, “Some people readily admit, I do it because it makes me feel good. The reason it makes you feel good is because it increases the oxytocin in your body, the good hormones that create positive reactions in your body.”


“You want to increase your oxytocin and your serotonin, those things that prevent you from being depressed, those things that protect your vascular and your heart system and your blood pressure.  Those are all really important things,” she said.


Troutman said they are proud to partner with Evangelical Community Hospital for their Kindness Campaign during Rock Red for Healthy Hearts Month.  Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation is also partnering with Evangelical Community Hospital to Rock Red for Healthy Hearts during the month of February.

Each day during the week of February 10, the United Way will encourage an act of kindness.


Those acts of kindness include:


Monday Feb. 10- Compliment or Appreciate Someone

Tuesday Feb. 11- Clean up something that isn’t yours

Wednesday Feb. 12- Say hello to someone new

Thursday Feb. 13- Post a positive message on social media

Friday Feb. 14- Wear “Be Kind” apparel and red clothing


Find out more about the Kindness Campaign on their website at  You can listen to the entire interview on WKOK Sunrise on the WKOK Podcast page at

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