Union County would like to own the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

LEWISBURG—As part of a tourism promotion and ‘destination’ initiative, Union County would like to take over ownership of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail.  Union County Commissioners announced at their meeting Tuesday, a new county-led authority that would seek to take over the rail trail, which is currently owned and maintained by the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority.


County Commissioner John Showers says the county will seek to increase the hotel tax from 3% to 5 % with the increase in revenue going toward up-keep, improvements, and expansion of the Buffalo Rail Trail. As part of a county initiative to promote Union County as a tourist destination for hiking and biking, some of the funds from the tax will go to the Susquehanna Valley Visitors Bureau for advertising.


Showers say the new Union County Trail Authority will be created to oversee the rail trail after it is purchased from the BVRA. Showers say he and fellow commissioner John Mathias will be members of the new five member authority.  No action was taken at the meeting this afternoon. The County would hope to own the rail trail by the end of the summer.

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