Uncooperative county prisoners draw big prison time


SUNBURY – Two Northumberland County prisoners who claim they are not subject to this country’s laws, plus exposed their daughter in deplorable living conditions, have been sentenced for up to 11 years in jail. PennLive.com reports the prisoners identified as John and Jane Doe, were sentenced Friday in absentia by Northumberland County President Judge Charles Saylor. PennLive says the two are actually identified as Kevin Gilgeours of Queens, New York, and Kathleen Claxton of Brooklyn, New York. Both refused to be fingerprinted to confirm their identity.


According to PennLive, Judge Saylor first heard testimony from a deputy sheriff and two county prison guards which said the prisoners refused to leave their cells to be taken to the courthouse. They also rejected sentencing by video. Their failure to cooperate with the county probation department in a presentence investigation was also noted by Judge Saylor.


Gilgeours was sentenced to 25 months to 11 years in jail, while Claxon was given a sentence of 21 months to 11 years. Each has received credit for 283 days. Judge Saylor said both prisoners received their sentences because of the severity of their offenses. That also included exposing their then four-year-old daughter to deplorable living conditions.

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