U.S. Senator Toomey talks upcoming State of the Union


SUNBURY— President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address takes place Tuesday night. In anticipation of the big speech WKOK heard for U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) on what he thinks the President’s talking points will be, “I expect that probably early on we will hear quite a bit on tax reform. I am looking forward to that because I think the benefits of the tax reform have begun even earlier than most of us expected. I think we are going to continue to see more jobs, higher wages, a better standard of living, and I think this tax reform is really going to be terrific.”


Several House Democrats have announced they will not be attending the speech, Senator Toomey says its disrespectful for sitting members of Congress not to attend, “I disagreed with President Obama on an awful lot of policies, most everything I can think of, but I went to every State of the Union address and I did so out of respect for the Office of the President.”

Senator Toomey says he is most interested in hearing the President’s vision on infrastructure, his plan to move forward on trade, and his thoughts on national security issues.


The State of the Union takes place Tuesday at 9 pm, and it will be broadcasted on all major cable news networks.

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