UPDATE: DOJ visits Sunbury for surveillance camera investigation

SUNBURY – U.S. Department of Justice officials visited the Sunbury recently to continue their investigation into troubles with the city’s surveillance cameras, installation, and financing. Sunbury councilwoman Beth Kremer tells WKOK officials first visited Sunbury two months ago for preliminary work, then were back in the city two weeks ago. She tells us there is no timeline for when the investigation will end. Mayor Kurt Karlovich tells WKOK the city cannot comment on the matter due to the ongoing investigation.


We last told you the federal review was initiated last July. It was then city solicitor Joel Wiest was instructed to contact the Department of Justice regarding the $200,000 federal grant used to purchase and operate the system.

City officials then discovered several issues regarding the handling of the money, including a lack of tax forms for the contractor hired to do the work. If the money was mishandled, the city could be held responsible to pay it back. The system has been offline for a year and the cameras have never worked correctly since being facilitated in 2009.

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