U.S. Cong. Keller: ‘I’m not a suck-up to President Trump’

Cong. Keller says he’s not a suck up to the President

Photo by Pierce Edinger

SUNBURY – One of the Valley’s Republican U.S. Congressmen has responded to criticism saying he’s a ‘suck up’ to President Donald Trump. Congressman Fred Keller (R-12th, Kreamer) addressed this and other issues during a recent studio visit on WKOK’s On The Mark.


Keller says he’s simply representing all people of the 12th Congressional District, agree or disagree with him, “I don’t know who could argue with ‘America first.’ That’s true and that’s what we’re looking at with our trade deals…that’s going so much better with what the negotiations have been…and look at the jobs.”


When asked about whether he agrees with the president’s actions or his often characterized ‘divisive’ tweets, Keller says he won’t criticize him through the media.


Keller was also asked if a recent tweet he sent out was divisive…which criticized ‘the left’ over America’s energy independence, “No, I am talking to the policies that are espoused by Bernie Sanders and the people that want to end fracking…a ban on fracking, natural gas, and for oil. Bernie Sanders says it’s ok for me to have three houses but everyone else…socialism is ok for you and the average American. I’m simply saying there’s people with that ideology and are on the left.”


Keller, who’s had a few personal encounters with President Trump, says all he wants is what’s best for all Americans, “The first time I talked to him on the phone as a candidate, the last thing he said to me was ‘Please tell your family I said hello.’ The other thing, every time you hear him talking, he cares about the American people. He wants people to have opportunity. He realizes what government does is they make sure the policies that we put in place are about fairness and are about people don’t get taken advantage of.”


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