U.S. Chamber: Four ‘must fixes’ to better American business

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LEWISBURG – Despite continued economic growth in our country, there are still some ‘must fixes’ to better American business, which includes addressing hot button issues. That’s the message from U.S. Chamber of Commerce Manager of Congressional and Public Affairs Ryan Gleason. He addressed Friday’s Legislative Breakfast hosted by the Greater Susquehanna Valley and Central PA Chamber of Commerce.


Gleason says immigration must be addressed, describing it as a ‘fundamentally broken’ system, “Fixing our immigration will require both parties to compromise. This is because our economy needs 800,000 workers, and legal immigration would help fill those needs, but isn’t necessarily the end all be all.”


But Gleason says addressing climate change is also a must, “The chamber believes that effective climate policies should leverage the power of business, maintaining U.S. leadership in climate science, embrace times and technology, pursue greater energy efficiency and pursue international cooperation.”


Gleason says an under the radar must fix is the federal government paying more attention to the states. He says the federal government is failing to set guidelines on issues best deferred by nationwide policy, “It’s resulting in patch-work changes of state rules and regulations that will stifle the free-flow of goods and services across state lines. Could you imagine trying to effectively run a company where you had 50 sets of regulations for all of these states to comply with? It would create conflict for business, confusion for consumers, and increased costs for everyone.”


Despite these needed fixes, Gleason says cited a recent poll saying 49% of Americans still approve of the job President Donald Trump has done in his first term…this despite some skeptism about the future, but Gleason says he doesn’t think American business is heading in a negative direction.

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