Two options offered, but no change in Adam Catlin’s Walmart job status

HUMMELS  WHARF – Adam Catlin, a local disabled man who’s fighting for his job at Selinsgrove Walmart was not  offered any change to his current job status, but two other employment options were offered. In a meeting with store management Friday afternoon, Adam’s mom, Holly Catlin, tells WKOK Adam was offered two positions in the store – as a cashier or a photo lab assistant. Holly says the cashier position isn’t ideal because Adam’s vision and fine motor skills wouldn’t allow him to perform those tasks. She says the photo lab assistant position isn’t a good idea either because of his walker being unable to fit through tight spaces.

Holly also says she feels the accommodations she’s asking for Adam in his current position are no different than the store trying to accommodate him with the new options. She also says the family will seek an attorney if Adam is unemployed after April 26 – his scheduled last day in his current position.

Holly says although the family didn’t get the answer they were looking for, store management was “very nice” during the meeting. She says management will again speak with its corporate office about Adam’s situation and Holly says she will contact the store within the next three business days to check in. Holly also mentioned she’s been contacted by 25-30 other handicapped and elderly Walmart employees nationwide who are also affected by the new job regulations for hosts, like Adam.

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