Two men charged with trying to scam probation officials

SUNBURY – Two Northumberland County men are facing criminal charges after authorities say they tried to dupe county probation officials into thinking one of the men was ready to be released from jail.


During the investigation, the Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz said they listened to in-prison telephone conversations of 32-year-old Justin Tononi of Sunbury. They say he testified under oath he had a good ‘home plan’ worked out. A home plan involves getting out of jail, having employment and an acceptable home address.


Actually, they say he had worked with 31-year-old Shane Brosious to come up with a fictitious plan.  The DA says the two tried to pass off the fake home plan and even had Brosious pose as Tononi’s landlord and future employer. Tononi will stay in jail on perjury and tampering charges, Brosious is charged with conspiracy and tampering with records.

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