Two county prison inmates refusing to secure release


COAL TOWNSHIP – Two Northumberland County Prison inmates are refusing to be fingerprinted or sign paperwork that would allow their release. reports inmates identified as John and Jane Doe have reached six months in prison, prompting Northumberland County President Judge Charles Saylor to ask the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts for assistance.


The two individuals are believed to be Kevin Gilgeours of Queens, New York, and Kathleen Claxton of Brooklyn, New York. They claim to be sovereign citizens who are immune to any local, state, or federal laws. says Judge Saylor canceled jury selection scheduled for Monday for the two, who are charged with criminal trespass, resisting arrest, and other charges. Both individuals have been in jail since August 29.


It was then when Mount Carmel Twp. Police forced their way into their home in the village of Connorsville. Both individuals bought the property in 2015 at a tax sale and lost it in July. They were initially jailed in lieu of $20,000 bail each, but was reduced to unsecured in October. Both have chosen to remain under prison care since.


The two also have a four-year-old daughter who was in custody of Children and Youth Services, but is now with family in New York.

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