Turbotville Elementary students to “board” exploration vessel today

TURBOTVILLE – A day with a National Geographic Explorer and a chance to “board” an exploration vessel is coming up for a set of Valley students. Students at Turbotville Elementary will have the opportunity to learn from National Geographic Explorer Joe Grabowski through a livestream. It will take place today 23 at the school from 3 to 4:15 p.m. Grabowski will livestream with the students from the Exploration Vessel Nautilus in the Pacific Ocean.


The Nautilus is a 64-meter ship on a mission to examine never-before-seen-explored areas of the ocean. Turbotville is one of six cities where kids will be part of the live video exchange during afterschool programs all over the country.


The event kicks off a partnership between the National Geographic Society and Mott Foundation. It’s to provide young people with tools and knowledge needed to become critical thinkers and responsible stewards of the planet.

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