East Buffalo Township: Lewisburg wasting tax dollars in lawsuit

LEWISBURG – East Buffalo Township officials have responded after Borough of Lewisburg sued the township over Buffalo Valley Regional Police funding. In the statement, the township says the borough has been “discernably uncooperative.” The township says they’ve been asking the borough to discuss necessary changes to their existing Intergovernmental Agreement since 2016. Township officials then say the borough has decided to waste taxpayer dollars in legal fees, rather than work to find a resolution.

Township officials continue to say the agreement is riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions.


WKOK reported both parties had originally agreed to a 52-48 percent split with the township responsible for the larger sum, but the township hasn’t paid their full percentage.

The borough filed its lawsuit Monday in Union County Court….this after issuing a February 20 letter giving the township 60 days to respond to restore proper police funding. The borough also extended the deadline another 30 days without a resolution.

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