Be Kind Again: Today is a Day of Positivity on Social Media

Photo courtesy: Day of positivity Facebook page

LEWISBURG – It began as a conversation between two Valley high school classmates, and now it’s turned into a movement to change social media negativity. Today is Day of Positivity on Social Media, where everyone is encouraged to fill social media with positivity; This in order to take a break from daily arguments on Facebook and other social media about the pandemic, protests, and other related topics.


It was started by Pamela Burns and Wendy Chalmers, 1987 graduates of Lewisburg High School, with the creation of the Facebook Group ‘Positivity on Social Media Day.’ The page now has just over 1,000 members and was recognized by the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce recently.


Burns and Chalmers say they created the group so they and everyone else can feel more comfortable conversing on social media.

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