Public encouraged to help in the recovery after Milton church fire


Photo courtesy: Vanessa Venios

MILTON – Cleanup and investigations are underway after a fire damaged a historic landmark in downtown Milton. The 139-year-old Bethany United Methodist Church suffered severe damage to its roof and other areas after a three-alarm fire broke out Tuesday afternoon.


TIME (The Improved Milton Experience) Board President Amanda Craig joined Tom and Lura on 94 KX and says the public’s help is encouraged, “Although it is a well-insured establishment, there’s still going to be a lot of things that aren’t covered. So that’s why a GoFundMe was set up and also I know there are a lot of individuals that are sending a check directly to the church itself in case they don’t like to go online.”


We have a link to the GoFundMe page. The Milton Fire Department Facebook page says about 75 volunteer firefighters across five counties responded. A state police fire marshal is due at the scene Wednesday to investigate.


Craig also shared a personal reaction to the fire, “Honestly, it’s very surreal to have been down there and witnessed it. I’m still, technically, scheduled to get married there at the end of March, so as soon as I got down there I was like, ‘Is this happening? This can’t be the church at which we’re getting married.’”


George Venios, also from TIME, says the church is one of the fondest landmarks in the borough, “Having been born and raised there in the town…you kind of keep track of the history and different things…that was the largest fire Milton’s had since another beloved facility, and that was our capital theater building. This was equivalent to that or not greater.”


No injuries were reported from the fire.




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