World is a mess: Former US Sec. of State Albright at Bucknell 

Albright is Bucknell graduation speaker


LEWISBURG—  The Bucknell grads are needed in our world, now more than ever…so said a member of former President Bill Clinton’s cabinet spoke at graduation ceremonies at Bucknell University Sunday.


Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told graduates that the world is a mess right now.  “We’re living in a time that is more unsettled, more complicated and more in need of a new generation of leaders than any that I can recall.”


She also said current nationalism is dangerous.  It’s “the kind of nationalism that pays no heed to right or wrong.  The kind that retreats from global responsibility and confuses its own claims of greatness with greatness itself.  This is dangerous,” she said.


She challenged the graduates to chart a new role for America.  The university conferred 881 degrees Sunday, including  18 master’s degrees.

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