UPDATE: President Trump endorses Fred Keller for 12th Congressional District

Photo by Pierce Edinger

MONTOURSVILLE – A Valley state representative got a big endorsement from the president in his campaign for U.S. Congress. The special election is today in the 12th District.


President Donald Trump strongly endorsed Republican State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) to take former Congressman Tom Marino’s spot in congress. The rally was in front of thousands of people at the Energy Aviation Hangar at Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville, “We have a man who’s a special man, who’s a successful business man and owner, he believes in protecting the border, defending our second amendment. Fred Keller is a tough man, he’s tough on crime, he loves our military, he loves our police, he loves our vets.”


President Trump also backed Keller on healthcare policies that have been a sticking point in the race for the seat in Washington against Democrat Marc Friedenberg. The president says Keller and all Republicans will protect patients, “He will always protect patients. And I say it so strongly because the fake news doesn’t want to say it. We will always protect pre-existing conditions, very important.”


Keller says residents of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania have supported the president since day one. Keller also praised the economy, and says he’s looking forward to help push for the president’s policies, “More people are working, wages are rising. I’m running for Congress to help President Trump take care of our vets, make the middle class tax cuts permanent, build the wall, and make sure that in everything we do, America’s workers and their families come first.”


Keller also again condemned Friedenberg about being a supporter of the controversial Green New Deal. President Trump also touched on immigration, saying Republicans need votes in order to begin working on pro-immigration policies. You can watch the whole rally on the WKOK Facebook page.


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