The flu season is bad and getting worse….some helpful tips

LEWISBURG — The flu season in the U.S. is bad and getting worse.  All ages are susceptible to the flu and it is fatal in some cases.  Michelle Lincoln, the Infection Prevention Manager at Evangelical Community Hospital says the flu is continuing to spread, so you should take steps at prevention.


Some steps include, “Get enough rest to begin with, eat and drink fluids, get your flu vaccine, it’s still not too late to get your flu vaccine, it does take a couple weeks to kick in. Also, good things to do to protect yourself from the flu include avoid other people who are sick, wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching what is called the T-zone on your face, which is your eyes, mouth and nose.”

Lincoln says the difference between a flu and the cold–is the flu comes on suddenly and is more severe, and bad colds tend to slowly worsen, then slowly go away. She says people the flu may have body aches, severe coughing and headaches.


As for when you go see a doctor, or go to Evangelical’s ‘Urgent Care facility, “If you are having trouble breathing, or shortness of breath, chest pressure or pressure on your abdomen, confusion, persistent or severe vomiting, or your symptoms just tend to get to the point where your concerned and you fell like something wrong.”


She says when you do go to the doctor or their ‘Urgent Care facility’ makes sure you put on a mask on right away and let them know soon why you are there.

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