Monday was special Election Day in 85th District, Rowe wins 2-1

SUNBURY — The three candidates in the 85th district special election Tuesday were stating their case one last time for your vote on WKOK’s On The Mark Monday. David Rowe—the republican candidate, Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay—the democratic candidate, and Clair Moyer—a write-in candidate, were tackling all the major issues of the day from Gun Violence, to the economy.


Democratic candidate Dr Jennifer Rager-Kay says she will not be your typical politician, “I am tired of typical partisan politics, and I think we should put people first. I think it’s important to understand the issues that are laid before and who is going to best represent those interests.”


Independent write-in candidate Clair Moyer says he will have an ‘open door’ to his constituents, “I want to enable the public to have a choice between candidates, not party. I’m a candidate that is honest and will not accept payment for favors surrounding any legislative issues. I believe in having an open door policy so that constituents can come to me with their concerns and issues and I will accept any solutions that will start a foundation to solve problems.”


Republican candidate David Rowe says he’s a proven conservative, “I’m a proven conservative, who believes in low taxes, smaller government and pro-growth policies that will create family sustaining jobs. I’ve been endorsed by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, the Pennsylvania Realtors Association, the Pro-Second Amendment Firearm Owners against Crime, and the Chamber of Commerce.”


Not counting the vacancy, Republicans currently control the state House majority, with 109 GOP members to 93 Democrats. Stay tuned to tonight for all the latest election results.

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