Survivor’s Compensation Program ends, settlement offers beginning

HARRISBURG – The enrollment period has ended for the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg’s Survivor’s Compensation Program. It is for victims of clergy child sex abuse and now settlements from the program are being distributed. In an update, the Diocese tells us the 90-day enrollment period for the program ended Monday. In a statement, Bishop Ronald Gainer says the Diocese’ fund administrators, Commonwealth Mediation and Conciliation (CMCI), informed church officials many survivors applied to participate in the program. The Diocese says CMCI will begin making settlements, which will be offered on or before June 28.

The Diocese says the program will include settlements for abuse by Diocesan Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians. It also includes Priests of other diocese and Religious Order Priests who had facilities in the Diocese at the time of the abuse. The Diocese says it is not involved in the process of determining who is eligible for settlements and the amounts.

Bishop Gainer says when the settlement period ends, the Diocese will release a final report on how many survivors it was able to support. The bishop says the Diocese will continue offering counseling to survivors, regardless if survivors received a settlement or is participating in the compensation program. The Diocese says if survivors did not enroll, they should wait for further announcements from the Diocese.

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