Surveys helping Valley schools get feel for COVID-19 planning needs



UNDATED – Some Valley school districts are conducting surveys to get a better feel for how they need to plan next school year to cope with COVID-19.


In the Shikellamy School District, Superintendent Dr. Jason Bendle says, “We’re going to be looking at multiple things…trying to get a better understanding of internet access or internet reliability at homes, we’re going to look at comfort level as far as parents returning to school.”


Bendle says the district is already planning to expand its virtual program that served grades 6-12 to K-12.

In the Selinsgrove Area School District, lots of safety questions are also included. Superintendent Dr. Chad Cohrs, “We ask parents things like, what kind of school do you want in the fall? Do you want face to face? Do you want distance? An overwhelming majority are looking forward to their students coming back to face to face instruction. We ask them some questions also about safety and what kinds of safety things would they like to see in place?


But Cohrs says there are some parents who are not comfortable sending their children to school at this point, “Which means that as far as planning goes, we also need to have our own cyber program for parents who say ‘no, I’m not comfortable sending my child.’ And so that opportunity will be available for those parents.”


You can hear more on each district’s COVID-19 planning for next school year on the WKOK Podcast page.

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