No Surprise: Traffic bad and getting worse, GSVCC survey

SHAMOKIN DAM – It’s may be no surprise…Valley residents are expressing concerns about traffic congestion and safety, according to a recent survey conducted by the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee.

He said local respondents were very concerned about afternoon rush hour delays.  Chamber President and CEO Bob Garrett says the completion of the CSVT project will help, “The problem we have in the Greater Susquehanna Valley is a capacity problem. We’re asking our local roads to actually operate much like an interstate highway, and the thruway will take care of that.”

High traffic volumes also raised safety concerns among residents, and speeding was identified as an issue. While the survey says about 42% of residents say police enforcement is, “good,” 14% of residents say police enforcement could be better.

Garrett says those numbers are actually better than he anticipated, but municipalities can help the situation, “The overwhelming majority of municipalities in the Greater Susquehanna Valley don’t have police. So the fact that 14.8% are saying its excellent is somewhat surprising, almost head scratching, and we’re depending on the state police, as we know, they are spread very, very thin. I think that some municipalities probably need to step up and make the investment into local police services.”

Garrett also says the pending police radar bill for speed enforcement would also be a big help, “The pending radar bill is critical. What are we…one of two in the whole nation of states that don’t have radar enforcement? Time is way past, and all of the arguments against local radar just don’t hold up.


Garrett’s other survey takeaways include overwhelming support for public transportation. People also expressed needs to have all means of transportation accommodated, such as walking and biking, and support of local airports and railroads.

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