Sunbury’s police chief deadline extended due to lack of applicants


SUNBURY – The City of Sunbury has extended the deadline to apply for the position of police chief. The job posting is listed under the employment tab on the city’s website. Applications are now due on July 15 at 4 p.m. The original deadline to apply for the position was June 14.


According to Mayor Kurt Karlovich, the deadline was extended due to a lack of applicants. Only one application has been received since the job was posted on May 8. Some job requirements include a minimum of 10 consecutive years of responsible full-time law experience. The city says a minimum of five consecutive years of full-time senior command management experience is required.  The job description also says the chief will work under the general direction of the Mayor.


Former chief Tim Miller’s contract expired May 1. The city’s police department currently has six full-time officers, under the direction of Officer In Charge Brad Hare. Karlovich said he plans on hiring five additional officers, looking for a new facility, and looking to make the department accredited.

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