Sunbury volunteer’s get a delicious ‘thank you’ Giugi’s restaurant

SUNBURY – Sunbury volunteer fire fighters got a big thank you Sunday.   After the fire crews did their work Sunday morning, quickly extinguishing a basement fire at a double home at 425 North Fourth Street, the grateful resident’s of the home did their work for the firefighters—cooking some great Italian food.

Several residents of the home Sunday happened to be employees of the Giugi’s Restaurant on Packer Street in Sunbury. They said they got out of the house safely.  Volunteers said they were able to make a quick stop on the fire.

So, this past Sunday evening, the owners and staff at Giugi’s thanked the many Sunbury Fire Department volunteers with a free meal at the restaurant. We have pictures from the Sunday dinner at  About two dozen people attended the ‘thank you’ meal.

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