Sunbury unveiled its’ Northumberland County Hometown Heroes banners


SUNBURY – Sunbury’s Cameron Park, a sunny Saturday morning two weeks ago, was the setting for the unveiling of a new set of banners in the downtown. The Northumberland County Hometown Heroes banners are purchased by people who wish to honor local veterans and active duty soldiers, as well as first responders (police, fire fighters, EMT’s and others). Sunbury Revitalization Incorporated places the banner as part of their work in the downtown.


Bob Lagerman of Sunbury, a US Air Force veteran spoke about why he volunteered for the US armed services, “I knew I wanted to teach and I knew I wanted to coach, and that was my transition. The Air Force was my transition from being a kid to being a responsible adult.”


Sam Schiccatano, a Northumberland County Commissioner, spoke at the event. He spoke of his family legacy in the US military but admitted that he was relieved, when he was drafted, but never inducted as the Vietnam War ended, “I had not only realized the veterans who go over and people who are in the armed service, go over and you fight, but just the courage to go over, just the courage to leave your family, just the courage to go over and defend your country, that’s astronomical.”


There are dozens of Northumberland County Hometown Heroes banners in downtown Sunbury. You can get a list of the banner’s honorees, at

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