Sunbury Treasurer searching for more tax revenue


SUNBURY— Sunbury City Treasurer Kevin Troup is looking for more tax revenue for the city. Troup brought to council Monday night the idea to work with a corporation called turnKey Taxes. Their website indicates they help local governments raise tax revenue without raising taxes.


Troup  hopes to boost the mercantile tax revenue for the city saying, “They come in and help you find revenues you might be missing out on. They will look at everything for us when it comes to collecting taxes on mercantile to maybe earned income, how to collect more of that. All we are going to use it for now is the mercantile because we do a good job of collecting everything else.”


Troup says he would work with turnKey to identify missing tax revenue for the city. He says turnKey would try to find business that are not on the tax roll for acquire additional mercantile revenue.

The city has been burdened this year with numerous legal issues and the cost of legal fees has put the city in financial distress.


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