Sunbury Steam Fire Engine Co. # 1 out of service 60 days

SUNBURY – One of Sunbury’s volunteer fire companies, the Sunbury Steam Fire Engine Co. # 1, is temporarily out of service but the city fire chief says there’s no need for citizens to worry about their safety.


Sunbury Fire Chief Brad Wertz Jr. tells us the fire company is out of service for 60 days due to a low number of volunteer firefighters who are currently trained and certified. He says only the company’s fire trucks will be out of service, and the social and business side of the company will remain open.   The chief says there is no immediate danger to the public during fire responses, as the city’s remaining fire companies are all in operation.


Sunbury City Councilman Chris Reis says the move will actually make the public safer because all responding volunteers will be 100% in their training.  Reis says when this 60-day period is over, they’ll re-evaluate the company to decide if the trucks will go back in service. That re-evaluation is expected to take place sometime in mid-March.


During this time, Wertz Jr. says volunteer crews will continue their necessary training.

Reis says Good Will Hose Company in Sunbury dealt with similar issues last year.

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