Sunbury Rotary names Citizen of the Year: Robert Zimmerman Jr

Photos courtesy: Ashley Thomas


SUNBURY- It’s an honor just to be among the Citizen of the Year recipients in Sunbury, so said one of those honorees Thursday night.  The Sunbury Rotary Club named Robert Zimmerman Jr. as Citizen of the Year. The award honors individuals who exemplify the Rotary Club motto of service above self. Zimmerman has served in many civic organizations including Zion Lutheran Church, Susquehanna University, SRI and the United Way.


Zimmerman says it’s an honor to be chosen, “I think the idea that service above self is not where you want to step up and do it just because you want recognition, it’s because you’re doing it for the good of the cause and for the good of the whole picture. And I think many of the activities I’ve been involved with, the people around me, I try to encourage more and more people to be involved.” Zimmerman said.


Ann Kaufman, District Director for Congressman Fred Keller (R-12th, Kreamer, Pa.), presented Zimmerman with a Congressional Record of Congressman Keller’s remarks on the House floor, “Congressman Keller is very proud that Robert Zimmerman is one of our constituents here in the district and it’s certainly an honor for Bob to receive this award as Citizen of the Year by the Sunbury Rotary. And he’s just proud that we can be here to honor him and to be on the House floor and speak about the good work that Bob is doing for the citizens here in the city.”


State Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108th, Sunbury) presented Zimmerman with a citation of this award, which puts it in to the archives of Pennsylvania. David Herbert, Treasurer of the Greater Susquehanna Chamber of Commerce, presented Zimmerman with a proclamation marking December 5, 2019 as Bob Zimmerman Day.

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