Sunbury revising city codes; Old laws to be dropped, new ones added

Updates to Sunbury city code


SUNBURY – Sunbury is updating the rule book that guides city council, residents and businesses.  Monday night council held their first meeting to review recommended changes to reflect the way the city currently operates.


The recommended changes come from General Code, a consulting firm. City Administrator Jody Ocker says that this is a complete review of every chapter and section of the city code.  She says that she’s become very familiar with what the code says and that looking at the code is good for individuals who have been involved longer than she has.


“Also great for some that have been around longer than I have, because you think you know what it says in there, or you haven’t looked at it for a while, and your processes may have evolved, but your code or your ordinance didn’t keep up with how you’re currently doing things. So this helps get us all squared away and reflect what we’re actually doing,” she says.


A question regarding the provision of fire and emergency medical services was raised during the revision discussions. Ocker said the city has to make sure there are services available, “In Sunbury, we have our own volunteer fire department, and as long as that is functioning and able to provide the services, then I think we’re good to go.”


She said, “If there’s some question of maybe there needs to be some reorganization or the city maybe needs to commit more resources, I just don’t know. It’s not something that I think we can solve in this codification process because I think there are a lot of bigger questions that need to be answered.”


A second meeting will be held to complete the review of the changes. Ocker says that the changes will then be sent back to General Code who will prepare a final draft as well as the ordinance that will enact all the changes made. City council will then review and vote on the ordinance at a future meeting.


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