Sunbury receives over $600,000 in funding for projects

SUNBURY – The city of Sunbury recently received over $600,000 in state funding for flood wall replacement and its Reagan Street project. Over $400,000 went to funding repairs for the flood wall, and $200,000 to the Reagan Street project for storm water management to eliminate flooding.


Councilman Jim Eister explains, “Regarding the flood wall that was replaced, that project is in the finished up stage. They’re doing some final inspections. And, of course, Reagan Street’s going to start next spring. We’re waiting for the gas company. There’s a gas line on Reagan Street which they’re going to remove.”


Councilman Eister tells WKOK the funding was critical for flood protection, “It comes through the feds and the state, but it was a necessity, especially for flood protection. That wall replacement was very critical, and actually, we have some more wall that will be replaced in the future after we get some more funding. And, of course, Reagan Street is roughly a five stage project that’s going to last for a while, but, that’s phase one of Reagan Street project.”

Councilman Eister tells WKOK the Reagan Street project will start in the beginning of spring.


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