Sunbury hires new full-time officer

SUNBURY – A swearing in at Sunbury City Council brings the number of city police officers to seven. Officer in Charge Brad Hare says the city plans to hire more officers, and says the morale of the police force is high, “With the Mayor and Council, we’re hoping to hire at least two more. We have a test coming up the first Saturday in August.”


“The morale has never been higher. The guys are really excited. We’re all excited. It’s a good time to come to the Sunbury Police Department. Just a lot of things going on with looking at a new building, more officers. We’re all pretty excited, and we’re hoping people can see that,” Hare said.


Officer Kurtz’s service began Monday at a Patrolman Two level, salary $49,000 annually. He is from northern Pennsylvania and has been a police officer for about five years.   Kurtz says he has also served as a part time police officer in Zerbe Township, Northumberland County and is very excited to join the Sunbury police force.

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