Sunbury City Council approves order of new police vehicle

SUNBURY– The Sunbury Police Department will be getting a new vehicle. At Monday night’s meeting, city council approved to begin paperwork necessary to purchase a new police interceptor.


Officer in Charge Brad Hare tells us the approval was required in advance, as the process of ordering the vehicle is a lengthy one, “We have to order it ahead of time. It takes about twenty- four to thirty-six weeks to get a police interceptor in. So, tonight was just a process to get that started.”


The vehicle being purchased will be a 2020 Ford Explorer, replacing the current Crown Victoria. The new interceptor is being purchased from Sunbury Motors for over $37,000.


Hare explained the vehicle will be paid for with funding from next year’s budget, “No funds come out of this year’s budget. It will all be budgeted for next year. We don’t currently have a car payment because we have all our other cars paid off. We have one that’s getting ready to retire, so we need to purchase a new one. Unfortunately, it takes so long to get them equipped and up and running we’ve got to start now to get the process ready for the beginning of next year.”


The new interceptor will require some minor additional equipment that cannot be fit into the Ford Explorer from the Crown Victoria, including seats, cages, and push bars.


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