Sunbury City Clerk to stay part time until Administrator hired

Sunbury hiring City Administrator eventually


SUNBURY- Sunbury’s current City Clerk will stay on part time until a new position,  City Administrator,  is filled.


Mayor Kurt Karlovich said City Clerk Terry Specht has agreed to serve as City Clerk on a part-time basis until a permanent candidate Aministrator is chosen, “Her retirement date is scheduled for January 31, 2019. She is willing to stay on as a part-time, as-needed basis for $30 an hour with no benefits, to help the city until we can find somebody.”


Karlovich says over $3,000 has been spent on advertising the position, “And that price is just advertising for City Administrator…with CareerLink, The PA Downtown Center, the PA Municipal League, The Daily Item, The News-Item, and The Patriot News, PennLive’s news.”


Karlovich says he hopes hiring Specht will give the city enough time to hire and train the new candidate in the new position.


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