Draft Sunbury budget does not have tax increase…again

SUNBURY – Good news for Sunbury residents, for a fifth year in a row,  taxes most likely will not go up. City Treasurer Kevin Troup tells us city council held budget talks Monday evening that ended with coming to a balanced budget of $4.69 million. Troup says all city departments did a great job watching spending this year. A first reading of the city budget will take place at council’s next meeting, followed by a period of 30 days for the public to view the budget. Troup says council will then vote on the budget during its December meeting.

As a result of restrained spending, Troup also tells us the city will most likely pay off its $250,000 tax anticipation note by next month. The city approved to take out the note in January in order to catch up on bills. The city had until December 31 to pay off the note to avoid its credit rating from falling.

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