Sunbury applying for HGTV’s ‘Hometown Takeover’

SUNBURY – The City of Sunbury is hoping to win one of HGTV’s ‘Hometown Takeovers.’ City Administrator Jody Ocker tells us the city is hoping to win a significant makeover by the network. Deadline for applications was last Friday, and the city created a video to go with its application. The video was created by Steve Patterson of Patterson Media Team.


Ocker says the idea came from a group of city residents who follow the show. Ocker says the idea came about with only 10 days until the deadline, but the project was done in time.


Patterson tells us the video showcases how Sunbury has a lot of potential, but can use a helping hand. Patterson says the video also focused on the city’s history, including its upcoming 250th anniversary in 2022, Fort Augusta and the Northumberland County Courthouse and other historical places. Patterson says the meeting of the two branches of the Susquehanna River was also shown in the video.


Ocker says even if the city isn’t chosen, the video could be put on the city’s website as a way to #thinkSunbury to promote its community and economic development. She says that idea will be proposed at Monday night’s council meeting.


A video application to HGTV from the city of Shamokin was also completed. We have links to both cities’ videos posted here.

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