Police: Stolen bank card leads to arrest of Northumberland man

NORTHUMBERLAND—A Northumberland man is facing numerous felony and misdemeanor charges after he charged $1,400 on a stolen bank card.  Arrest papers at the office of Magisterial District Judge Mike Toomey show that 30-year old-Adam Calloway was arrested and jailed Monday. Police say he stole a bank card and used it over a two day period.  Toomey set bail at $150,000 and Calloway is in the Northumberland County Prison.



Northumberland police say they were called to investigate a reported stolen bank card on June 2 after the victim told officers she noticed her bank card was missing.  Officers said that they reviewed bank records and saw that the card was used at various stores in Sunbury and footage showed Calloway using the card.  Calloway who is not from the area also had a warrant out for his arrest in Delaware on burglary charges.

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