State Senator Yaw opposes business shutdown and stay at home

WILLIAMSPORT – One Valley state senator doesn’t feel the partial business shutdown and stay at home orders were not appropriate courses of action by the Governor to slow the spread of COVID-19.  PA state senator Gene Yaw R-23rd, Williamsport) was a telephone guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program and said influenza is trending the same as Coronavirus.


Yaw said, “The average number of deaths from the flu in Pennsylvania annually is almost 3,000, and so we are only half-way there when it comes to COVID-19 data.  The numbers in the United States, we have 55,000 deaths.  The average for the flu season in the United States is around 60,000.  So, the numbers are starting to indicate this is not a whole lot worse than the average flu season.”


He felt a statewide shutdown was the wrong move based on history in the United States. Yaw said, “We isolated healthy people.  When I started in grade school, if you got measles, mumps or chicken pox, there was a county health officer that came around and put a sign on your door on the side of your house that your house was quarantined.  We didn’t do that this time.  We quarantined all the healthy people.  I don’t understand that.  I really don’t.”


And Yaw said looking at data from other countries; a complete shutdown doesn’t make sense. “I think Israel had a complete shutdown, Norway had a partial shutdown and Sweden had virtually no shutdown, and the numbers coming in, they are almost identical from all of those countries, no matter what they did.”


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