State Sen Yaw’s thoughts on bump stocks

SUNBURY – State Senator Gene Yaw (R-23, Loyalsock Township) was put on the spot during an episode of “On The Mark” recently on WKOK when a caller asked him what his feelings were on the banning of bump stocks.

Sen Yaw said he doesn’t think the banning of bump stocks will solve the problem at all, “If anybody has a minimal amount of skills as far as gunsmithing, you can fix any semi-automatic to be an automatic firearm.”


Sen Yaw draws on his past military experience to support his stance, “You take away bumpstocks, it’s just that someone’s going to figure out a way. I remember from my military days what to do with an M-14 to make it fire full automatic. All you have to do is very minor changes to it and people are going to figure out how to do it.”


Senator yaw said he had not yet seen any of the proposed legislation, but leaned toward not supporting it.


You can hear the entire conversation with Senator Yaw in the “On the Mark” archives at

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