State Representative Keller comments on the State Budget


SUNBURY –  State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th Kreamer) says work is underway on a ‘no-tax-increase state budget, that will be slightly bigger than this year’s’ spending plan, “Working those out and making sure the rank and file members agree with what the leadership and the governor and the senate are working on. You know that’s sort of what happened last year, the spending was done and everybody thought ‘Oh, they have an agreement’ and then nobody wanted to fund the increase in the spending.”


Keller says he hopes to do things differently this year with something called a spend number, “We can’t spend more than the revenue we have because that is what was tried last year. I know I’m not going to go for that, I didn’t last year and I think I got more people to think that way too.”


Keller says at this point in the discussion it appears as though there will be no tax increases, “If there is any type of tax bill it would need to be a House bill, which no discussions that I’ve been in have said that we’re gonna raise any taxes or fees.”  You can hear the entire discussion with State Rep Fred Keller from Thursday’s On The Mark program at

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