State Rep. Keller thankful for support, will run “positive” campaign

KREAMER – New GOP U.S. 12th Congressional District candidate, State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) is thankful for all his support, but also is stressing a “positive” campaign. He joined WKOK’s On The Mark to thank the constituents of the 15-county district, “They are outstanding, hard-working, intelligent people, and no matter what the outcome would’ve been, they were very thorough, diligent and it’s just been a great experience.”


When asked about any worries of distractions with Democrats launching an obstruction of justice probe against President Donald Trump, Keller says running a positive campaign will keep the noise away, “People have ‘I resist’ bumper stickers on their cars, and I’m just thinking, ‘What are you resisting? America first and jobs?’ I have never gotten into the weeds or the dirt on individuals. Our message is a positive message. If your message isn’t good enough on its own, and you have to tear someone down, there’s a problem with the message.”


Keller says it’s also time to focus on the issues, such as the budget, immigration, and energy. He says another big focus is making sure our veterans are taken care of, “The founders of our great republic laid out a great plan for liberty and independence responsibility and so on. Our veterans have guaranteed that every generation since, so we need to make sure we need to address any issues that are with our veterans.”


Keller will face Democrat Marc Friedenberg in the special election May 21, and Friedenberg has invited Keller for some debates. Keller says he has no problem getting together to discuss the issues.

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