Outdoor meth making lab found along Susquehanna River

Two people rest in the grass, near where an outdoor meth lab was found.

An outdoor meth lab busted by local police


SUNBURY – Sunbury police got information around 2am Saturday that someone might be making methamphetamine at a location along the Susquehanna River near Sunbury.  Along river bank, just north of Shikellamy Avenue, in Upper Augusta Township, Northumberland County, officers did discover an outdoor meth making operation.


The township is state police territory so they took over the investigation, a Clandestine Lab Response Team was called and is conducting analysis and an investigation.  Troopers did tell WKOK one person was being questioned, and charges could be filed. No other details are being disclosed at this time, troopers did say a full news release will be prepared at a later date.


Wearing haz-mat suits and protective masks and breathing apparatus, workers gathered, cataloged and safely secured the various materials and chemicals found at the scene. A safety officer was nearby, monitoring and advising the investigators. Several local state troopers were on the scene along with a Sunbury police officer.


Two people were waiting nearby, police did not indicate if either of them was their person of interest in the mobile meth lab found along the river near Sunbury.


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