SPARC and Sunbury’s Bainbridge Street welcome sign to be removed

SUNBURY – Soon, there will be no welcome sign greeting motorists coming into one part of Sunbury. Mayor Kurt Karlovich tells us the “Welcome to Sunbury” sign in the area of the Veterans Memorial Bridge will soon be taken down, at the request of PennDOT. Karlovich says he received a letter from PennDOT saying the welcome sign there is within the 125-foot wide right-of-way perimeter. The “Welcome to Sunbury” sign and its surrounding raised garden bed was installed as part of a partially grant funded effort of the city, and SPARC. Sunbury Pride and Renaissance Coalition is a division of Sunbury Revitalization Inc. One of the city’s cameras was installed in the sign also.


Karlovich says PennDOT is requesting removal of the sign despite it being there for the past 10 years, “They informed me that they’re being stricter regarding the different signage that’s along the roadway and their right-of-way.”  PennDOT says having the sign there can be hazardous for drivers. Other signage in and around the area of the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge are also coming down. Those include various “Permits Required” signs, “Crime Watch” signs, and other club, church or incidental local signs.


Karlovich says he’s working with PennDOT officials to still keep the welcome sign in that general area, “They sent me a map that I’ve been reviewing that show where they’re right-of-way axis is. I’m just waiting on a response from PennDOT because I’m hoping to have a representative come up and meet with me and Councilman Chris Reis, in hopes of reviewing the area and finding a new location for the sign in the same general area.”


Karlovich says the other two city welcome signs are okay. Those are located by the Hamilton underpass on Route 61, and by Packer Island. The signs were a joint project of SPARC and the City.

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