Capital One: Some tips, reaction, from Valley computer expert

SUNBURY – A lot of people have questions after the massive data breach involving Capital One customers.   A woman has been arrested for hacking into a server that had the information for more than 100 million Capital One customers.

Bill Geise, President of AsuroIT Services in Sunbury gave his perspective to WKOK on what happened, “Capital One was not hacked. It was Amazon Web Services that was hacked, where Capital One puts their data, and it was by a young person who was an employee at Amazon Web Services.”

Geise says companies like Capital One have their servers protected, but sometimes these incidents can still happen, “It is locked down as best as these companies can do, but there’s still people involved, and it will get hacked from time to time. So you need to take care as you’re using your credit cards on the internet.”

As for you and I keeping our information safe, Geise said you can be an informed consumer online and he said there is something to look out for, “In the top left-hand corner of the screen you’re browsing…on Chrome it’s a little lock or in Edge there’s a designation on the top corner that the page is safe and secure….otherwise everything you send on that page can be seen generally on the internet, especially with credit card information.”

In a statement, Capital One says they will provide free credit monitoring and identity protection to anyone involved, but they don’t feel that anyone’s private information was compromised.

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