Some tips and new events as new year begins in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG – As we begin the new year, the Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation has a winter season tip and some new events coming up.

When preparing for the next winter storm in the Valley, it actually may not be the best idea to use an excessive amount of salt on sidewalks and roads.  Samantha Pearson is the Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation Elm Street Manager, “It can have an immediate impact on your household, that salt, if you actually use the sidewalks yourself, or your pets do wind up in your house, it may wind up in your pets, and it also just becomes…as we put in on our streets…and then ice eventually melts and snow melts, and it eventually turns into water and runoff and goes into our waterways.”

She suggests trying sand instead, or even cat litter. They say it won’t help with melting, but it will provide traction and alert people to possible slippery surfaces.

In some events coming up this winter, Pearson says the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership Polar Bear Plunge into the Susquehanna River will be in early February.

Proceeds go to the Downtown Partnership, and Pearson says other causes will benefit from the plunge, “Go to the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership Polar Bear Plunge, and you can watch other people jump in the river in early February. Many of the plungers are raising funds through sponsorships for other causes.”

You can hear more winter tips and find out more about upcoming events this winter in Lewisburg from the neighborhoods corporation team on the WKOK Podcast Page.

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