UPDATE: Some additional new details out on PSP wreck last week



HUMMELS WHARF – The slow trickle of details continues regarding the state police wreck last week, during the Friday night homicide response.  State troopers from the Stonington barracks investigated the wreck while troopers at Selinsgrove and others were converging on the Hummels Wharf location of last Friday’s shooting.


Troopers say an SUV operated by Corporal Jason Caccia of the Selinsgrove Barracks, the lights and siren were on, he was in driving north, went through the red light at Roosevelt Avenue and hit a pick-up truck going through the intersection. 66-year-old Thomas Beaver of Hummels Wharf was driving the truck. There were no injuries.


State police don’t attribute driver fault in their description of the accident and they do not say if any further investigation or citations are appropriate.

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