Snyder County approves $250,000 purchase of new voting machines

MIDDLEBURG – Snyder County will officially be updating its voting machines for future elections, starting with this fall’s municipal elections. Snyder County Commissioner Peggy Chamberlin-Roup tells us the county will spend just over $233,000 for the new machines.

This purchase follows the state’s requirement that all voting machines provide a paper trail in time for the spring 2020 primary. The commissioner voted 2-1 in favor of the purchase.

Commissioner chairman Joe Kantz voted against the purchase, saying he was not given proper notice of the plan to implement the new machines this fall. He’s also concerned about the funding towards the machines.

But Chamberlin-Roup says the county had already set aside $250,000 in this year’s budget for new machines. She says the county also wanted to make the transition to the new machines under its current Election Board Director, Pat Nace, who will be retiring soon. Chamberlin-Roup also says the new machines will not be used for the upcoming special election for Pennsylvania’s 85th District.

Both commissioners say the county expects to receive a reimbursement of over $35,000 from the federal government when the new machines are purchased. The state is also offering to reimburse about $139,000, but Kantz is concerned Governor Tom Wolf doesn’t have the authority to do so.

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