Snyder Co. Commissioner Kantz: These are unprecedented times 

SUNBURY — The Snyder County Commissioners are taking action to slow the spread of coronavirus, limiting access to the county courthouse and prison. Commissioner Chairman Joe Kantz was on WKOK’s On The Mark program Wednesday and said they are taking the pandemic very seriously, and taking unprecedented precautions.


“We are restricting entrance to the Snyder County Courthouse (limiting entrance) to Snyder County residents only, unless they are here for a court date or for filing a deed or working on a probate issue in the Register and Recorders office,” he said.


Kantz said they have to stop an influx of out-of-county visitors who are coming to the county.  They are coming to Snyder County because the courthouse is still open and those individuals need access to court records. For visitors who will be allowed, he asks they been in good health, with no colds, cough or fever.


Kantz said this is going to get worse before it gets better, and we should all, “Think before you do something,  like always, but more so now than ever. If you don’t need to go out, I’m encouraging people to stay home for a couple weeks. Just really try and limit your access to others.”


He said they’ve also made some changes at the county prison. They aren’t going to incarcerate any new out-of-county inmates.  They also are limiting prisoner visitation to only clergy and attorneys, and even that inmate contact will be done telephonically within the prison. He says when prison staff returns to work each day, staff takes their temperature to make sure they don’t have a fever.


Also, Kantz says the county will be in conversation with the White House Wednesday.

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