Federal drug bust unfolds in Milton, nearly a dozen people indicted

MILTON – Federal lawmen converged on The Valley Thursday morning for a major drug trafficking bust, and they say nearly two dozen people are charged. During a press conference Friday in Milton, two separate federal indictments name 22 people total with drug trafficking and firearms violations. The first indictment charges took place between March 1 and March 13 in Dauphin and Northumberland Counties. The second occurred between October 2016 and March 13 in Northumberland and Union Counties.


U.S. Attorney David Freed says he was impressed with the work that went into the investigation and he says the Valley is well protected, “I’m here to tell you, you’re being served well by your law enforcement. Not just your local law enforcement, but your local district attorney, who have the confidence in their abilities and who care so much to not be hesitant to reach out for help to try to make cases like this.”


Freed says the indictments allege kilograms of cocaine were sent from Puerto Rico through the U.S. Postal Service to Pennsylvania, but purchased in California. Additionally, heroin and fentanyl trafficking was part of the arrests this week with some of the packaging and distributing centered in a Milton home. Key traffickers included Kevin Robles of Harrisburg, along with Reymon Hernandez and Ricarte Negron of Milton.


Milton Borough Police Chief Curt Zettlemoyer says the operation was impressively quick, “In 20-plus years of law enforcement, I have not worked at an operation where we had over 160 law enforcement officers in this community in this river valley, worked together in the manner that they did to make this operation a success. These were very dangerous individuals, and within 10 minutes, the residents were secured.”


Northumberland County  DA Tony Matulewicz says the indictments will make a huge difference, “These are literally thousands and thousands of doses of drugs. And to sit and take it for two years, when people are asking if something is going on or is something going on, yes, something was going on. This is the fruits of their labor.”


You can see the full list of people charged below. At least a half dozen names have been redacted pending further investigation.

Individuals charged include:


  • Jose Miguel Guzman Ruiz, Lewisburg
  • Bradimir Aviles Hernandez, Milton
  • Francisco Ortiz Candelabra, Milton
  • Yarelis Seda, Lewisburg
  • Ricarte Bristol Negron, Milton
  • Kevin Caban Robles, Harrisburg
  • Kimberly Roman Rivera, Lewisburg
  • Justo Melendez, Milton
  • Rodriguez Bristol, Milton
  • Reymond Nieves Hernandez, Milton
  • Tony Orlando Garcia, Northumberland
  • Morales Rivera, Wisconsin
  • Harold Eaysonet Pagan, Milton
  • Denny Fernandez-Molina, Milton.
  • Robert Pacheco, Sunbury
  • Roberto Gonzalez Jr., Lewisburg
  • Ariel Diaz, Williamsport


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